Welcome to Shanti Panchal’s Portfolio.

Shanti Panchal’s distinctive, strongly but subtly coloured compositions with their sometimes monumental figures are immediately recognisable and deceptively easy to assimilate. But the paintings warrant a viewing as concentrated as the work that goes into their production. Their message lies not on the surface, not in a quick reading of their figure compositions and firmly drawn figures and suspended narrative, but in the spaces between the figures, and in the intensity and depth of their colour.

Working initially in oils and acrylics, he also studied the European watercolour tradition. Informed by his own experience of Indian art forms and aware of the dense colour palette that could be achieved with water-based colours. Shanti Panchal’s unique use of watercolour brings dimensions of western and eastern tradition together in a completely new manner. The ideas behind his paintings, equally, link the several worlds of his experience.

Here, following are the links (distributed yearwise) to explore his excellent work: